SafeControl Systems Solutions is the Software Engineering department of S O F A R g.p. Our department is working exclusivly on designing and emplementing Web and Native Software Applications mainly on the field of ERP and CRM systems but also in the field of GIS and telemetry. It worth while mentioning our department is partecipiating in research projects in the field of A.I. and A.R.

Our aim is to deliver taylored made applications that will meet the exact needs of the each project taking into account the personal needs of each customer.The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest pride and our main source of motivation.

For SAFECONTROL the holygrail of development, is to deliver IT applications where the user will not have to strangle in order to get his/her work fone but the "application" will have to strangle in order to deliver to the user his/her work.

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